Sunday, September 10, 2006

If you stay there's no more to say...

...and I wouldn't wanna kiss you

So there's been a weekend in between my last update. I bet you think nothing has happened in between. Well as usual you're right. Except - it's bullet point time!

  • Our new PC has been delivered, as expected it is fast and also as expected it is crashing for no apparent reason. It appears to crash when I'm running my torrent software which I think means something although I'm not sure what.
  • When Freya was ill during her wisdom teeth being taken out I managed to make half-decent food for myself. Pasta sauces, spicy mince, cashew nut paella all bowed before my might. So she was right (Again) about me being a good cook.
  • I have been announced as the best accountant in Yorkshire. Well, I got the highest TOPCIMA mark in Yorkshire. This either means I am very clever or everyone else in Yorkshire is thick. I'm still working out which is correct, so that must mean the latter option is the right one (except if I worked that out then I must be clever (ouch me brain (the latter then (except...))) Either way I have to come up with a quote for the local press and make sure it includes NU so that I keep my job in the restructure transformation. Any suggestions are welcome.
  • I left out a closing bracket from the previous bullet point). That's better.
  • My body has been a-coughing and a-spluttering since a leaving meal at ("A certain restaurant" - libel ed) which resulted in me showing up for work after four hours sleep looking worse than the people who stayed out drinking. This illness could be due to J Nash warning me in a gypsy fashion of the curse of working on an AP THNTRNTeiee page. I ignored him, obv, as curses don't exist. Ouch, me kidney.
  • I still have absolutely nothing witty to write about ("I agree" - J Vaughan)
  • From the end of September I will be learning Japanese at college so I can impress the Okatu's with my dictionary-like knowledge of their language.

Sayonara matey-peeps!


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