Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Do what you want...

...make the ("funsters" - ed) pay

I'm in a dilemma. I want to play an MMO, in particular World Of Warcraft, but the last time I tried it out (a free demo on PC Gamer) it went a bit like this:

Partario is created. Red hair is a must.
Partario waits to enter Darkspear
Partario waits some more. Alternate between the two pictures for about twelve minutes.

Partario enters the world. Has to kill wolves for some reason. Gets challenged to a duel. Runs away. Speaks to no-one.

So I didn't really enjoy my excursion into World of Warcraft. But I think it might have slightly been my fault. I definitely didn't go around chatting to the various people there. That's why I'm giving it one more chance. I'm having another 10 day trial and will go in with Uri Geller Noel Edmonds style positive thinking this time around. Who knows, I might like it?

Although it's mega annoying that I can only log on to European servers. World of Warcraft? Continent of Warcraft more like*.

* I used the 'joke' before on a message board, but stole it back. I'm not witty enough to lend jokes to just anyone.

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