Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hey (hey) You (you)...

...I don't like your girlfriend*

Coincidences are weird aren't they? Especially when you try to work them back and figure out how the coincidences started.

My most recent one involved me going into my local Borders and buying a copy of EGM that I found there. When I got home I read it and was really confused as it appeared to be talking about really old games like Dead Rising. Then I noticed it was dated August 2006, which meant it first came out around February 2006**. For some reason Borders must have been unable to offload them back to Ziff-Davis so kept them on the shelves for non-date checkers like myself.

But the coinkidink happened when I was listening to the latest EGMlive podcast and they spoke about the same issue. Wooooooo...

Although thinking about it, EGM talking about one of their old issues isn't that weird. Still it gave me the willies.

* Hey (hey) You (you) I don't like your new song, more like.

** Magazine scheduling joke.

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