Sunday, March 04, 2007

Still the fire of a love is true...

...and I would be breathless without you

Now I like puzzles*, but I don't like having to pay two pound fifty for six cards with brainteasers only to have the same ones keep coming up. That's why I got annoyed with perplexcity. The idea behind it was ok, but I felt a little annoyed that I couldn't spend a set amount for all the cards and then get confused by them. Plus there's the fact that after all that effort of making finding the cube really exciting with helicopters flying over people & phones ringing you up in a cinema it ended up being buried in a field. Bit boring that, I'd have thought they would've had it in some security place where you would need the password to get through. Ah well.

The perplex city board game looks like decent, but the whole point of board games is replayability. Knowing me, I'll probably look at all the questions and then annoy everyone by having the answers memorised.

Anyway, my point is that a cheaper brain teaser is in need for me. And I've found it. Say hello to Abstractica 2 ("Hello Abstractica 2!" - the readers). You have to work out the phrase for each level and type it in. If you're right you move onto the next level. If you're not you get annoyed and use the tip, or search on the forum for clues.

The puzzle below is one I was stuck on for ages, but have now completed.

If you can get it and found it fun then download the full game here. If you can't get it the answer is in the file name.

By the way I'm not taking responsibility if you get totally addicted to this and spend ages trying to solve 'one more level'. Like Freya and I just did.


* But not spelling as I had written puzzels first.

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