Saturday, March 08, 2008

The week in twitters [slightly ahead]

Due to me being in Newcastle tomorrow, here are my twitters so far (I've also removed the links as it's too fiddly to put them in):

In Newcastle tomorrow. Looking for the messiah
I can't be bothered today. In a lazy way rather than a depressed way
No! Lost my ds save games :(((
@FragDollsUK I'm still pretty rubbish at hiragana - don't make me think of kanji!
Lost at squash again & there were no hot showers :((
I've learnt 50% of hiragana. Yatta!
Dry crackly fingers. Not good
"You don't understand Mandy, I've been through a fucking divorce, my brother's been through a divorce."
Having to use ipod headphones. I feel trendy. And wrong
Just squeezed a spot inside my nose. Ouch
People who drive cars can be stupid

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