Saturday, March 01, 2008

The week in twitters [slightly behind]

Nearly lost my keys through a hole in my trousers #
Need to learn hiragana by this time next week #
Just saw Private Pube and Annoying Becky holding hands. Thought he had better taste than that #
Help! I've forgotten the days of the week. Except for suiyobi #
To buy: lightspeed, marling, los camp!, lacrosse, cave, siobahn, she&he, mules, tegan #
Lunch cancelled & I haven't brought sandwiches! #
Beard gone again #
wedding list cleansing #
going to take 13 years worth of stuff i kept to be recycled. isla fisher pics aren't needed if you're married! #
need a new brolly. the last one gave up with a sudden gust #
day off... so spending it playing wow #
Mmm sticky toffee pudding #

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