Monday, February 05, 2007

And so...

...he forgot, he forgot, maybe not

I was going to let a guest speaker talk to you today (I'm trying to write an entry every day this month*) but he's still preparing for his entry into blogging. You may have heard of him though and it's slightly related to the previous guest speaker I had here if that makes up your mind that you should definitely stay away tomorrow.

In job news I didn't get the job at Gamestation. Apparently they promoted internally instead. This makes me think that they were going to do this all along so I went to two interviews for absolutely no reason. My conclusion is that Gamestation are rubbish. Perhaps being overly pessimistic about video games retailers chances of survival in the download age didn't help either. Ah well.

Other job news is that I'm staying in my current role, rather than joining another team internally. Mostly this is due to the fact that people high up said they'd like me to stay so I felt wanted, but also because there's more people in my current team and therefore more chances of promotion. I'm such a merc.

In good news for blogging I think I'll not be having any more interviews for a while so I can self-indulgently ramble about slightly more interesting stuff.


* Except for the First, where I forgot to do it.

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