Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Darlin' don't you go and cut your hair...

...Do you think it's going to make him change?

As the lyric above* hints at I had my hair cut. As usual it was cut by the lovely Gemma and as usual I realised I have a little crush on her. I've realised that Gemma's the girl I'd go out with if I enjoyed going out more than staying in.

She's more of a stay out girl than Freya, who prefers staying in and snuggling. That's the way I prefer it. I'm much happier staying in & watching the telly than going out to a bar until ten, then clubbing until two, then waking up at eight to go to work. But sometimes I wonder what it would be like if Freya & I went out every night.

The answer is we'd be poor, not going to Japan, not living in a nice house** and I wouldn't be with the Schatz I love.

I feel bad for the poor guy who sent Gemma roses & asked her out last week. She told me she would've preferred Jelly Babies.

* Which I think I've used before

** Aside from the loud neighbours

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