Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Start me up...

...if you start me up you never stop

Oh yea-uh! Mick Jagger here! I'm a-uh fa-uh-ous rock star, I've sold concerts all over the world, been some (mumbles) films. But I'm here to tell you something. A-uh rock star has been telling you-uh some myths.

Not Bono! Not this time-uh, but David Bowie.

He's been telling you-uh that Elite Beat Agents was rubbish. That if it was a Rolling Stones album it would be our-uh latest album (whatever that was called). But it's not. It's the equivalent of Sticky Fingers.

It's really that good. Oh yea-uh! It's just really addictive, and every time you get stuck on a song you seem to get slightly further each time. That makes it really addictive.

David's slightly correct in that some charm is lost by the move to English songs & lyrics in that the song doesn't necessarily-uh relate to what the cartoon is about but who knows if that wasn't the case with the Japanese one? The song where you help the kid pass his exam could have had lyrics where 'love conquers all'.

But all the songs-uh do have a good beat to them and then never outstay their welcome. So I'd recommend that you ignore what Mr. Jones said and instead go out and buy Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS. As soon as it comes out in the UK.

Plus Jumping Jack Flash saves the world so I could never insult a game that does that..

Oh yea-uh!!!

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