Friday, February 23, 2007

Can we fix it?

...yes we can!

After a day of worrying I fixed my PC's problem with finding the CD drive. Truly I am great. Or XP's driver rollback function is, I forget which.

Despite not having a working CD drive I still went to the shops and bought Farenheit and also Outrun 2006 : Coast ("to" - ed) Coast. I will be playing them over the weekend and give you my thoughts (or maybe Mick and Dave will).

Other than that I will be going to see Jaws for the first time ever. People may find this weird, but there's loads of other 'classic' films that I've never watched. They include: The Terminator, Scarface, Godfather and Goodfellas. But why watch them when there's Masters Of The Universe?

Oh and for those of you wanting to see my Friday Feast answers you'll be waiting a long time. I've given up on it, I'd much rather blather on about what I want rather than tell you funny words I said as a kid.

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