Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rolling like thunder...

...under the covers

According to a study* you're a much better surgeon if you play video games. I can sort of understand that, particularly for the surgery where you're doing it by joystick (except they should now use a stylus or wireless nunchuck, natch).

I only wish that playing games could somehow make me a better accountant. Except the only games I can think of that would help me understand accounting & numbers better would be Football Manager and World of Warcraft. And they're boring enough without doing them for work.

Oh, and what's that at the end of the article? "...the Royal College of Surgeons said research, [done by someone else], showed no correlation between video games and performance in surgery." So that article I spent five minutes blogging about was rubbish? Ah well, such is life.

I watched the first episode of Heroes today. It was good.

* To be seen in full here:

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