Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CSI Live Blog

Nice to see Gil's rocking the Cantona collar. Did you know Gil proposed to Sara in the episode we missed?

("Flip" - ed) no. That's why she left, kinda answers his question for him. Great! An episode dedicated to Hodges and his mind games. 'Would you let me finish!'

She said yes so I doubt it was that. I think Eads is enjoying the way he can mess around. 'Whodunnit and how?'

They should make this into a pub it-box game complete with Eads giving hints. I'd play it!

Poor guy. Must all these murders be about Henry being sweaty? Hodges seems to be upset when someone joins in with him & Wendy.

His mind did wander towards Katherine though. Can't blame him for liking Wendy. I like Wendy too. I'm guessing the cast enjoyed filming this. Rather lighthearted.

Hodges has killed Wendy off now she wants to become a field agent. Why does the gun guy always get collared for the crime?

Do you think he drops things or tie his shoe laces on purpose so he can sneak a look up her skirt? I'm loving brass giving massages. Hodges! Busted! Ha ha.

I think Mindy McBoobs likes Hodges too. I thought Gil would end up playing the game. It would be easy for him though.

Ha ha love it. Mindy McBoobs! Ha ha. Gil can win board games without even trying. Ha ha that autopsy face! 'No sign of sexual trauma!' ha ha.

Gil's finding the game fun. I reckon Hodges will give the game to Sara as an engagement gift. Another framing for Bobby!

What a lovely gift. Though Gil will ruin it as he's already played it. Think I'm going to get a t-shirt made up saying I love Wendy on the front.

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