Sunday, February 24, 2008

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Tegan and Sara - Leeds Metropolitan University 23/02/2008

It's weird going to see a band you've never really listened to. The songs don't really have the same impact they would if you had spent the whole days leading up to the gig listening to their music (as usually happens with me).

And so it came to pass with Tegan & Sara. I booked the gig despite not knowing much about them & only through listening to their myspace did I decide that they sounded ok. But none of the songs stuck into my head that much so I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it that much.

Things got off to a good start when I saw that at the merchandise stand they were selling Northern State stuff. I remember buying 'Dying In Stereo' and found it to be full of hip-hop goodness. They didn't disappoint either, being exactly what I want in a support act - lots of chatting between songs, not caring about the crowd talking over them, and having fun. Could have mentioned that their new album was produced by Ad-Rock a few less times.

Then Tegan & Sara came out (clever wording I know, cheers). And I kind of felt what it would be like to be at a Take That concert. You see, the crowd for Tegan & Sara was mostly made up of teenage lesbians who gave off an air of indifference, but when their idols came on they screamed like the Beatles at Shea Stadium.

They played songs mostly off their new album (The Con), although I wouldn't have known unless they said. And they sounded pretty good. They had good banter between songs, Tegan appeared to be the more ramblier of the two whilst Sara had the sharp one-liners.

The songs themselves were acousticky-rocky stuff that is rather popular with the younger set (non-emo non-chav division). Certainly nothing to offend the ears and definitely catchy. I shall be checking out more of their music.

Unfortunately we had to leave during the encore to catch our train (the usual excuse of me being tired), so we didn't see the whole thing. I did get to buy the new Northern State album & got it signed by Spero. Didn't ask her why she changed her name from Guinea Love though.

Five out of seven.

(Note: Poorly taken pics to be added tomorrow as my flickr uploaded is on the fritz)

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