Sunday, February 17, 2008

Reviews Sunday

Being 28
It's essentially a sequel to being 27, except with even more worrying about what I'm going to do in the future. And less hair.

Four out of seven.

Employment agencies
They're rubbish aren't they? First they tell you to come over to talk to them so they can see you 'face to face'. This ends up in you leaving work early, taking a train to Leeds & then spending half an hour saying stuff that is already on your cv or something that could have been said in a ten minute chat over the phone.

Then, after telling them you only really want a job that you can get to by public transport, they mention a job which would take a forty-five minute drive to Wakefield. You tell them you'll think about it and will let them know if you're interested. Next day you get a call saying they want to interview you, despite you never saying you actually want the job.

So you send an e-mail saying, you've thought about it but you don't really want to travel that far (even if you got a company car). They ring you back saying they're confused by this (why because you decided that I wanted the job EVEN THOUGH I NEVER SAID SUCH A THING) and why don't you 'suck it and see' what it's like, there's only two other people going for the job.

Foolishly you say that sounds ok, but you're not sure how you're going to get there. He suggest that perhaps you could get a lift with someone. EH? WHO WOULD I KNOW THAT WOULD TRAVEL TO WAKEFIELD EVERYDAY & BE ABLE TO GIVE ME A LIFT BACK AT 12ish?

So I'm going to ring on Monday and say thanks but no thanks. Let's see what he says about that.

(Oh yes it was about me all along!)

One out of seven

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