Sunday, January 28, 2007

Come on Jessica, Come on Tori...

...Let's go to the mall, you won't be sorry

Things I meant to blog about over the past few days but forgot:
  • Planning on starting a new regular slot, have no real idea what it will contain but expect to do it monthly. So hopefully will have it in place by Thursday.
  • Got the internal job, but because I was rubbish in the interview I'm on my old salary for six months & it'll go up if I do well (which I will, natch).
  • But! I'm still in the reckoning for the Video Game Retailer job and I have a second interview for that on Tuesday. I think if they offer me it I'll accept. This is why I still haven't accepted the internal role.
  • However! My current team might also offer me a higher role, due to the fact that there will be no-one left who knows anything about the unique features in Distribution (three people have/are moving internally, one left and two are pregnant - which would leave me)
  • I had major problems getting a Belkin wi-fi adapter working on my network, so I got a Netgear one instead. Everything works fine now.
  • Forest are rubbish. But hopefully we'll get promotion.
  • The people next door are really into their music & play their instruments (which sound great). But why play them at eleven at night! Come on guys...
  • I've been spending too much time playing New Star Soccer. But scoring goals for my club is too addictive.
  • PC Format is rubbish. I knew this yet still bought it. Therefore I am rubbish too.

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