Friday, January 12, 2007


...You're only nineteen for God's sake

My blogging has slowed a bit since January has started. But my job situation looks slightly more promising. I had an interview today and for the first time I felt as though I got all my points across. It helps when the person interviewing shows up on time.

Which wasn't the case when I met up with a recruitment agency in the afternoon. After showing up at 3.30 the bloke I was meeting showed up at 3.50. Remember back in December I didn't show up for a meeting? Well now I know how that guy felt. And I will never be late for a meeting again. Unless I forget.

However as I had absolutely nothing to do I gave the guy the benefit of the doubt and heard what he had to say. Not a lot as it turns out, recruitment people are very boring and only interested in getting you a job without really caring what job you're after. They might say they only want what's best for you, but they're after the commission aren't they?

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Nicole said...

Fingers crossed for you on the interview. Interviews suck!