Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Someone took...

...In these pants

I think I've finally decided what job I want to be doing. And it's the same one I'm doing now.

My second interview at the Videogames stores Head Office went well, but I was a bit disillusioned by the benefits they had on offer. Which was no pension, no shares and a bonus (but they couldn't give me an idea as to how much that would be). I did get a 25% discount on games, but I realised that in order to get the same benefits as I do at my current employers I would have to buy about four thousand games a year.

So that leaves me with either staying where I am, or the job where I work for six months & then perhaps get a promotion at the end of that. And looking at it sensibly the new team has only four people in and therefore little promotion opportunities whereas my current team is around 20/30 people strong.

Looking at my opportunities it's best that I stick where I am. Bit of a surprise to come to that conclusion considering I really hated my job a couple of months ago, but I think that was just boredom. I'm doing more important work now and I think it's getting appreciated by everyone. I also liked it when big important managers came up and said they'd like me to stay. Which was nice.

In other news my old college where I studied for my accounting qualifications are using pictures of me to show how successful they are. Scary. But I expect lots of girls will now study there just on the off chance that they might see me. Sorry girls, I've got a girlfriend!

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