Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You say I've nothing left... offer you now

One good thing that came from my interview on Friday (other than the fact the interview went well) was that I remembered how much I loved theaudience. I listened to their songs all the way home on the bus.

I can't really remember why I got into theaudience. I expect it was because I read that a cute girl was their lead singer. That usually got me into liking bands. And it still does (see The Pipettes, CSS, Metric, Long Blondes). But, as with the other bands, I found that I liked theaudience's music as well. More than I found their singer cute.

I recommend you go find their music, it's jangly britpop era but with smarts*. If they're available anywhere. Or ask me to send you some of their tunes.

I even made a website about them, but it got lost in the internet. Perhaps I should bring it back, even if no-one would look at it. I'd know it was there & that's the important thing.

Oh and here's a picture of the lead singer, scanned by my own fair hand.

* Now you know why I don't review music on here

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