Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ooh my little pretty one... pretty one. When're ya gonna give me some time Sharona?

In a weird desk-calendar-imitating-life situation I will be moving desks at work. As is happening on the Dilbert calendar I got from Secret Santa. Although I won't be working in an ice cube, having my PC nicked or having to cover myself in butter so I'll fit into my cubicle*, it's still pretty bad.

See I'll be working on Rejects Row in two weeks time.

The desk move is apparently the first step to seat our two new teams together. Currently we're in three different places. So team A will be sat together and team B will be sat together. Unfortunately there's not enough space for all of team B (my team) to be sat together, so some of B will have to be sat with A. I am one of the people.

Now this wouldn't be too bad (we've only got seconds between us) except the only people who've been separated from team B are those who have been given temporary (or interim as management like to call it) jobs. Making us feel even less a part of team B than we did originally.

Nice work pointy-haired boss.

Oh and remember how I said they called us interim workers rather than temporary staff for PC reasons? Well on this desk plan I and my other interim workers had (T) by our names and the permanent people had (P).

Amazing work pointy haired boss.

* As we don't have cubicles. I'll still be covering myself in butter though.

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