Sunday, January 07, 2007

What do I hear, what do I hear...?

...Chit-chat, and clinking glass

We booked out trip to Japan yesterday. I'm getting very excited about it.

It'll be our first 'proper' holiday together. We went to Malta in 2004, but that was a short break away and everyone spoke English so you didn't feel as though you were in a foreign country. Apart from the heat.

Looking at the calendar we're going over on a Japanese bank holiday which is called "the holiday between two holidays". So hopefully the trains will be working and my brain will remember enough words to get us to the hotel in one piece.

I think the day after we get there (5th May) is the day that inspires all of Animal Crossing to get paper carp and have them as flag outside their houses. So that should be fun. Children's day I think it is called.

Freya's been getting me ready for Japanese food by cooking a miso soup sort of meal. It was really scrummy. But seeing how I hate sushi, I think eating noodles in soup everyday may get boring. Any people got any ideas on other japanese foods I might like?

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