Tuesday, January 23, 2007

One is the loneliest number...

...that you'll ever know

And also how well I'd rate my performance in my interview today. I was rubbish. I got across that I can do reports easily enough, but not that I can talk to people as well. The interviewers spoke to my manager afterwards though (it was an internal role) and it seemed as though what they wanted me to do was work similar to someone currently two levels above me. I wish people would point this stuff out before I interview for things. Grrr.

The interview yesterday was different as well. I felt it went ok, but I'm not too sure as the interviewers didn't really give me much clues as to whether my answers were good or not. The company was a lot different to my current employers.

I think the first thing that showed they were a different kind of company was the Xbox 360 in the reception. And then the signed autograph of Charles Martinet on the wall. Yes, very different to the leaflets advertising pensions in our reception.

The company I went for is one of the main videogames retailers in the UK. This is pretty much an ideal job for me. A way of making accounting (slightly) interesting. I love games and I think the company is much better than it's rivals. So why in the interview did I say I like games but haven't bought a new console because of the HDTV issue? I did at least say I had a DS lite. You fool Ben.

Hopefully I'll get a second interview and then I'll go in a Sensible Soccer t-shirt.

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