Tuesday, December 12, 2006

All we want...

...is to be happy

Oh dear:

Someone bought a random lucky-dip ticket instead of the usual numbers for their lottery syndicate. Then the usual numbers came up. Whoops. I don't like how they're trying to get a bit of the jackpot though. Definitely bad losership there.

I did something just as bad today*. As I've moaned about far too often on this blog I'm trying to sort out another job before I leave at some random time next year. Luckily there's an internal job that looks quite good. So I rang on Monday to talk to the person who would be interviewing for the role. He was busy, but said he could meet me at 4pm on Tuesday.

At 4.20pm I got a call. It was the interviewer. I'd forgotten about the meeting and he didn't sound too happy. What's worse is that he came to our building to meet me. Whoops.

He has agreed to meet me tomorrow though, but I have to go over to meet him. I think a great amount of humble pie will need to be eaten there.

* OK, so not as bad in terms of money, but perhaps in terms of embarrassment.

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Ben said...

AlexC left a comment on here, but I deleted it. It went like this:

"Well you could always join a online Lottery Syndicate like this one"

Totally missing the point that it wasn't me in the lottery syndicate and also that his website idea is rubbish.