Thursday, December 28, 2006

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah...

...and His truth goes marching on

Damn. Was going to write my first ever Thurday Thirteen about my Christmas Presents but including my flickr pics was really hard to do. So I'll leave it until next week.

I'm so tired. And for once it's not due to being overworked or staying up too late. For some reason I just couldn't get a good nights sleep when we stayed at my parents. Freya was totally the opposite - usually she's up by eight on days off - this week she was up after ten every day. Do I have any explanations for this change of events?


Freya's explanation is quite simple. In Germany you get big shutters that roll down before you go to sleep. Freya is used to being woken up by the Sun. If you remove the Sun from the equation she will lie in for longer.

My explanation is also quite easy (apart from the bizarre stinker of a headache I had on Christmas morning) the bed was too hard for me to drift off to sleep.

So how come in my first night back in York in my nice comfy bed I couldn't get to sleep and was chatting to people online? Lord knows.

Oh and I had a comment posted today on my very first post which I wrote two and a half years ago. Ben C, if you get this far, I didn't get that girl but I got an even better girl. Just like in Gregory's Girl.

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