Friday, December 08, 2006

I was a teenage Jesus...

...I bought into the dream

It's been so nice not having to have to blog every day. I mean I enjoyed doing it, but some days I was really having to stretch to think of something to say. And in the end it wasn't really that interesting anyway. Amazon are sending me a book about blogging and how to do it better* so hopefully January should be a lot more interesting for everyone.

Today was the day that I was going to go to Tescos and buy a Wii at midnight. So how is it? I wouldn't know as I decided not to buy one. The day before they went on sale.

I think it was when Freya found out how much I'd saved towards our trip to Japan (£300) when we needed at least £1,200 each. And as we're planning to go in May that's a lot to save in not a lot of time.

My subscription has now been cancelled. No more magazines bought that I won't read (got enough subscriptions already & two Neal Stephenson books to read). No paying subscriptions of World Of Warcrafty (also I wouldn't as it's rubbish - which I'll explain in a later blog) No buying of things I don't need need. Generally it's save, save always save for me at the moment (I agree - Uncle Alvin Hall).

Because I want this holiday to be amazing.

Not just a nice two weeks away from work. I want to have a great time. Possibly because I'm planning on doing something there that I can't describe as if Freya reads this it would spoil it. Momopeche has something on her page that relates to it though.

Plus we haven't been away this year other than two nights in Manchester so a holiday without any worries, spending all my time with my girlf, enjoying another culture and pronouncing my Japanese words all wrong.

That sounds better than having a Wii now doesn't it?

Well I think so.

* After I paid for it, natch. They're not that nice.

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momo said...

oooOooOoo. I think I know. Good luck!