Saturday, December 23, 2006

And I've seen, some younger people happier as can be...

...but not especially happier than me

So we've got to Germany in one piece but I still feel particularly ill. However a few early nights and some playing of Zelda on the GBA should sort me out.

Coming back to Germany you see how some things in England are done so badly. Take Motorway Service Stations. In England they're seen as a chance to rip off the people who go there for a quick meal by charging five quid for something that you wouldn't pay ten pence for if you weren't starving. And they seem to make it into a shopping mall by offering three fast food restaurants, one cafe and a newsagent/supermarket.

In Germany you get this: One restaurant which although not amazing is cheap and the food isn't totally covered in grease and a mini supermarket where you can buy basic fodstuffs. And to be honest that's all you need. Germany 1 - 0 England.

I missed the Friday Freast yesterday (was flying over when the reminder e-mail got sent out), but I'll answer it now if that's ok:

What is one of your Christmas traditions?
It was to wake up really early like a six-ish. Even when Mum told me we wouldn't be going downstairs until Nine O'Clock. I just got so excited. This was when I was twenty years old by the way. I guess it stopped when I realised that if I drank myself to sleep I could also have the lie in. Not really got too many traditions now, other than having to have willy sausages (everyone else calls them pigs in blankets, but willy sausages is our family name for them) for our Christmas meal.

Who is the easiest person on your list to buy presents for?
Dad. Get him a sports related autobiography and you should be ok.

What is your favorite Christmas scent?
Pine trees. Although the smells of Christmas decorations comes close. That almost plasticy scent you get from them just smells of Christmas.

Main Course
If you could give a fellow blogger a Christmas gift, who would it be and what would you give them?
Probably momopeche could do with a madarin dictionary so that she could think of more way to insult queue jumpers.

What's something on your Christmas wish list that you need (not just want)?
Absolutely nothing. I am a material girl. Or boy.

Oh and Jack Templeton who wanted the Gamesmaster vids, could you send me the list again of the episodes you need? I left my list in England. Whoops.

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momopeche said...

Oh, the British and their beautiful vernacular language.


I love it, so much classier than, erm, "line."