Sunday, December 10, 2006

One dark day...

...the trees began a trumpet sound

I really should learn to listen to people properly. Too many times I find myself drifting off during conversations and having to drag myself back to what the person was talking about. I reckon it's worst when Freya is telling me to do something and I totally ignore what she said, then she gets angry at me. And for good reason too.

It's terrible that I can't just sit down and talk to her. I have to have something in the background to distract me. The TV, radio, mp3 player, the internet anything in the background is needed - it's what I grew up with. Freya on the other hand is used to a quiet house. Now that unnerves me.

Even now as I'm writing this blog I have mp3's on in the background. I was one of those people that did homework on with music in the background and even though it distracted me I preferred it that way.

The thing is though when I'm listening to podcasts I have to purely listen to it, as soon as I do anything else my mind wanders and by the time I realise five minutes have gone and 1up yours is chatting about a totally different game. So I give it my full attention.

I need to treat Freya as a podcast. If you see what I mean.

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