Tuesday, January 01, 2008

7 Blogs a week

Being an idiot (and because since I stopped NaBloPoMo-ing I only did one other blog) I have signed up to blog365 which means I have to do a blog a day. Luckily I have something rather important happening this year, but after my marriage on the 5th June I'm not sure what else I'll have to talk about. I do have some other stuff to do during the year though:

  • Get a new job. Designing new reports isn't really the way I want my career to go. I need to start doing accountancy again (particularly if I'm paying two hundred quid a year to be a professional one)
  • Keep getting fit. My Squash-a-thon sort of stopped in December, mostly due to Natalie being in India, but also due to me not being bothered to get anyone else to play against.
  • Do more around the house. This may mean less playing computer games/going on the internet, which sort of goes against blogging everyday in 2008. However I reckon I took Freya for granted last year in a tidying the house/make my tea sort of a way and as a new man I need to stop doing this.
  • Go to a doctor about this rash on my armpit. Actually this is more of a thing to do tomorrow.
  • Sell all the CDs I no longer want on ebay. This could actually take all year. Anyone want Urusei Yatsura's Hello Tiger? Also see finally sending my GamesMaster videos off to Jack Templeton.
  • Stop reading so many magazines. Pick one about music, one about games and one about sci-fi/films and stick to them.
  • Go to sleep. You're really tired & the cold you've had over Christmas is really confusing your body clock.

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