Sunday, January 06, 2008

songs to add

Since I've bought my ipod nano I've had a few problems. Mostly with it not connecting to correctly, but I've also had to reformat it quite a few times. Now the problem I have is that I only have 8 gig of space which is miniscule in comparison to the 60 gig that my creative player had. So I have to decide which albums to put on my pod. I need a good mix of old stuff that I like, old stuff I bought but never got round to properly listening to, and new stuff I like.

I have decided on the following core albums (eventually I'll choose separate tracks, but I can't be arsed to do this at the moment):
  • Lush - lovelife (got a massive jonesing for 500 after seeing one on Top Gear)
  • Chicks - Criminals, chicas etc (actually I haven't got this, but I'm sure I read it's available to buy somewhere)
  • Jarvis - Jarvis (got this last Christmas but still haven't listened to it properly)
  • Long Blondes (bought this in Manchester a year & a bit ago but only listened to the singles - and they're playing in York!)
  • Angelica - The Seven Year Itch (bought this in a HMV in Leeds but as they'd split up by that point I couldn't be bothered with it)
  • Solex - all three albums (I like Solex so I will put it on)
  • Steve Malkmus - Face The Truth (I like no more shoes)
  • Petra Haden (her voice soothes* me)
I'm sure I'll still have lots of space but that will do for now. What do you have on your limited space mp3 players readers?

* I originally put 'sooths' me, which sounded very Frankie Howerd

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Matt said...

I'm only now beginning to run out of space on my not-that-limited 30gb Ipod, because I have too many eps of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue and Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy on there.

Apart from the Long Blondes and Solex I think you might want to choose some other albums. The Chicks won't take up much room but even then you only really need Let Me Go, the Jarvis album palls quickly (although I found it palled quickly when I split up with the person whose copy of it I used to listen to) and The Seven Year Itch really isn't worth your time. Really.