Saturday, January 12, 2008

The week in twitters

Unable to shut mouth on the right hand side. Will book appointment with Uncle/Dentist. #
Only 1gig left on the pc. Spring cleaning will come early... #
Able to close mouth so maybe I was being dentally hypochondric #
Waiting for my dentist/Uncle to call me back. Am scared to leave my desk #
I reckon my wisdom teeth are coming through, hence the pain #
Hoping my wisdom teeth need to be taken out. It may be a week of soup, but it will be a week off! #
Having to change 20 passwords at work #
Getting ready for the return of CSI. Teeth still hurt #
CSI is starting now. Will Sara be ok? #
Phew! Having a mega busy day at work #
Saw a schoolkid with an iphone. Felt upset for his parents. #
Yesterday: Nose dripping like a leaky tap. Today: More bunged up than Terry Vegetables #
Working past five for the first time this year. #
Just had a very stressful lunch :( #

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