Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Hooray! It's the first blog of the year where I complain about being exceptionally tired!

At least I have an idea why this is the case this time around. I caught yet another cold/virus just as I flew off to Germany for Christmas. Which resulted in me spending Christmas Day sniffling and not eating as much turkey, jelly and chocolate cake as I would normally like to have done*.

The worse thing was I woke up at 3.30am on the Friday I was meant to be flying back to England. And couldn't get back to sleep. Ever since then my body clock has been all thrown out of sync, making me think it's 7pm when it's actually 2.30pm, eat about two mouthfuls of food before not wanting anymore and making me want to stay in bed when I wake up (but this isn't that new).

So I spent all of today at work (well the few hours I did spend at my desk) not doing too much. Which wasn't too much of a departure, except I was trying to make a new start for 2008. So it'll start next week, once I've had time too shake off my cold lag. Tomorrow I'll just write to-do lists and make sure my bond database can update Date of Births and include Outbound calls. I'm bored already for tomorrow.

* Although this did mean I was a lot thinner than usual on New Years Eve.

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