Saturday, January 05, 2008

The week in twitters

Idea stolen from suki.

  • Back on twitter! Going to have an afternoon nap due to Xmas flu. #
  • Still bunged up with cold. Still playing Super Mario Galaxy. #
  • Shaved off my Christmas beard. Still feel like crap but will go into work tomorrow. #
  • Been to work but went home due to illness and boredom. #
  • Off to the shops to buy some coke & batteries for the wiimotes. #
  • 2008 appears to be the year where I'll be constantly tired & not have a clue what's going on. #
  • Feeling jetlagged. Body clock is out of sync due to this damned cold. #
  • Going to the doctors. Have three ailments to talk about. #
  • Two prescriptions given. Only rest is needed for my cold. So I'm going to work. #
  • finding the new donnas album rather lacking in rock. now off to bed! #
  • Having an absolute stinker of a headache. #
  • Still got the headache. Tablets aren't working. #
  • Illness update: Had a hot flush but has now been replaced by a suspected dislocated jaw. Ouch. #

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suki said...

i just use the twitter plug-in for wordpress!!! :)