Monday, January 07, 2008

Friends in strange places

Well, I suppose I shouldn't say 'friends', what I mean is 'stuff I accidentally found that made me feel much better about myself'.

There was the article by Guy Haley in the latest issue of Death Ray about the future of the world. It's come at a time when I felt very depressed about the future of the planet, but Guy's article made me optimistic for what will happen. Apart from when he ended it with the Sun blowing up.

Then listening to the Long Blondes album made me happy that I was marrying someone I loved very much. This was something I wasn't depressed about, but with Kate Jackson singing her songs about cheating on people cheered me up. Because I'm not going to be like that.

Finally watching an old Who Do You Think You Are with Matthew Pinset calmed my nerves as well. Mostly because he found out he was decended from Jesus.

Other than those my teeth hurt. And my dentist cancelled as he was 'shaking like a shitting dog'. Cheers for that.

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