Thursday, January 03, 2008


Ooh. I've had a really annoying headache all day today. It's the type of one that I have to call a stinker of a headache. There are three kinds of headaches I get, all of which are annoying, but this one is the worse. Mostly because it's the one I'm currently having, but also because it never seems to disappear until I've had some sleep.

The other headaches I get are either ones which disappear rather quickly after taking tablets or are migraines which mean I need to lie down in a dark room for an hour & then sleep. I'm meant to keep a diary of stuff I do to see if I have any triggers for my migraines, but I'm extremely lazy & forget to do so.

According to the BBC (linky here) low energy lightbulbs should be triggering my migraines. Except I've hardly had any since we've started putting them in our house. So either the migraine society are lying, or I've never had a proper migraine.

Anyway, I need sleep. And for Sophie next door not to wake up crying at four in the morning.

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