Monday, January 21, 2008

When I was about 11 years old and lived in Germany I was a latchkey kid and went home to an empty house after school. One time I got stopped by a Dutch guy in his car, this wasn't that unusual as we lived very close to the Dutch border. He asked me for directions to the local football ground, which was about 15 minutes walk away. I pointed him in the right direction, but he wanted me to get in his car and point out the way.

Luckily I was smart enough to know that this wasn't right so I lied and said that my Mum was waiting for me, so I had to get back. He didn't try anything else, but I rushed home whilst reciting the number plate to write down when I got in. I got home safely and wrote it down on the pad by the phone. Then I went to watch Knightmare or something.

Half an hour later my Mum and Dad got home & we had tea. At around seven-ish my Mum asked what the strange writing was on the pad. "Oh yeah" I said matter-of-factly "Some guy tried to stop me on the way home". Mum went a bit crazy and quickly rang the police.

Apparently the guy was well known for it, but I'm not sure if he was arrested or anything. Certainly all I said to the police was what I wrote above.

But anyway. Those Dutch eh? Crazshy Guysh.

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