Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Drop Sprogs

From having no-one babies ben loves babies! he wants a sprogling! a bear cub to call his own - erm sorry about that, I think Freya interrupted me there. From having none of my friends/work colleagues being with child I've had a run of people in such a situation.

I think there's about nine people at work who have just had kids, three who are about to have kids and my hairdresser has just dropped a sprog as well. I'm not taking the hint, even though I think I'd be a good Dad I just couldn't deal with my sleep being interrupted all the time. The annoying brat next door waking me every ten days with her crying is winding me up enough already. If I knew the crying was my responsibility and that I had to get up to make it stop I think I would be complaining about being tired much more than I am already.

I do look forward to a time when I'm so tired that I have afternoon naps. Unfortunately at the moment I feel tired enough to sleep, but never actually do it. Mostly because I'm at work when the mood takes me.

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