Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's Business Time

Tomorrow I have to get up at 5.30 so I can get a train to Peterborough at 7, wait in Peterborough station for an hour and then get a train to Norwich. It's for work. I'm a little worried about what will happen as I've revised a report and instead of saying we save around £1.4m each month we're actually only saving just under £0.5m. I expect they will resort to violence to make me change my mind, however I know I have truth and justice on my side and will not be wavering.

So I will not be blogging tomorrow (well I will, but when I get home on Tuesday). In order to help you pass the time whilst you constantly press F5 on my homepage I point you towards This has the interactive game MASQ which is like a choose your own adventure book, but without swords and dragons and with rufty, clothes and the inability to bookmark a page so you can go back to it if you make a mistake. I highly recommend it.

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