Friday, November 24, 2006

And Schmidt...

...and Schmidt and Schmidt!

So my original blog has gone by the wayside as I only have twenty minutes now to write this.

The original plan was to write about my top ten crushes (excluding Freya as she is obviously the highest).

Anyway the picture to the right has my top crush. The girl from the Rakes Work, Work Work (pub, club, sleep) video.

It's hard to know why I fancy her so much. It could be the slight red tint to her hair. It could be the fact that over the course of the video she flirt with all of The Rakes* in someway, so I must be able to have a chance with her.

Mostly it's because when she flirts with the drummer (the scene showing here) she wiggles her hips in a nice way and licks her lips. I love it when a girl licks her lips.

* I don't know their names but I have named (from left to right) drummer: Steve, guitarist: Nigel, singer: Paul, bassist: Kingston (real name: Simon).

1 comment:

Freya aka the Schatzipuss said...

That Rakes bitch better not flirt with you or I will claw her fecking eyes out.