Wednesday, November 08, 2006

She is S: Super Special...

...She is C: Crazy Crazy

I'm having trouble with these new CD cases. It looks as though the main reason for them is to protect the hinge and make the front less likely to snap off from the back. This is rubbish. I've got about 800 CDs (no, really) and I'd say about one has actually had this happen to it. Well, others have had the front cover snap off, but it's been easy enough to snap it in place again.

The real problems with CD cases are that the front covers crack easily when you step on them, the inside nipples* teeth break off easily causing the CD to rattle and also the CDs can get stratched and become useless.

And instead we now get a CD cases that has rounded edges, you have to press a button to open it, is impossible to get the inlay out and doesn't have symmetrical back cover 'sides'. Good work CD designers!

* I believe this is actually the correct technical term for them.

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