Tuesday, November 28, 2006

She says there's ants in the carpet...

...dirty little monsters

According to an article in the Guardian today (which I can't find in the Guardian but at ABC news) sitting up straight is bad for you, but so is lying down. Apparently the best thing to do at work to prevent back ache is to sit at 135 degrees - making your back the hypotenuse in the office chair right-angled-triangle.

Now I tried sitting like this today and it didn't work. In fact I felt my back more than ever before, usually I sit at around 175 degrees (slightly slouching yes, but I don't care about work at the moment so my stance needs to reflect this) and my back is never noticed by me.

My revolutionary method of preventing back ache is - if something hurts don't do it anymore. But try to sit straight if at all possible.

Oh and ABCnews? Don't illustrate a feature on how to sit properly by having someone crane their neck up towards the ceiling and by someone sitting on the side of their chair with their arms resting on the back:


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karen said...

I'm a big sloucher. I slouch, then I ache. Then I twist my body and pop my back and scare the crap out of everyone because it sounds like I just stepped on a starving cat with brittle bones.