Sunday, November 12, 2006

Think I'm just too white and nerdy...

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...Look at me I'm white and nerdy

For some reason I hadn't shaved for about a week. This resulted in rather a natty beard. But I've shaved it off due to the interview. I also had my hair cut.

So I took some before and after pics. Unfortunately the 'after' pic I was pulling a funny face and it looks worse than the before pic. Ah well. Looks aren't everything right? (I agree - John Merrick)

Got to sleep at about 2am yesterday as my tummy was really bad. Then I woke up at 12.30 this morning/afternoon and spent the whole day feeling rough as well. I think this might be nerves about tomorrow where I will find out if I still have a job or not. 11am is the time where I'll find this out. Wish me luck.

Oh and that is a Willow from Buffy figure behind me. I am that sad.

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