Monday, November 27, 2006

I can't say I was surprised...

...I heard some drink was involved

I hate PC's. For ages Nokia Lifeblog has decided not to work on the PC. All of a sudden it's working again. Except now the virus checker doesn't want to update. Huh? How did that happen?

So now I'll get really annoyed by this & spend half the night trying to get the virus checker up & running again. Not a good time to spend my evenings. Particularly as I really need to catch up on my sleep. I nearly passed out at 5pm because I was tired/hungry. Of course I've done no exercise so I doubt that'll help... To think that over the course of NaBloPoMo I was meant to be doing some exercises and kick myself into gear.

Hopefully if I get the job at the rival company I'll join the gym there and become healthy. Or at least healthier.


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