Sunday, November 26, 2006

Teach him stuff...

...although he's looking rough

And after saying blogger beta hasn't appeared to change anything I've found out that almost all the comments that people have made over the course over NaBloPoMo have been turned to anonymous. Doing detective work I think I've uncovered the blog addresses for the people who did this, but let me know if I mucked it up.

One thing I did notice from digging around blogger whilst trying to get this fixed is that I can actually blog via e-mail. So all the time I was bored at work thinking of stuff to do I could actually be composing a blog saying how bored I was at work. So this has been composed via e-mail in a trial attempt before I do a proper blog tomorrow.

Yesterday I actually had to do some proper man work. Well, ok, it was just replacing a fluorescent tube in the kitchen (because it kept flicking on and off) but this is one of the few areas of fixing stuff that I actually know anything about. See I was a part-time caretaker at my old school where my Dad was a teacher. Pretty much all my job involved was being the butt of the main caretaker's (Nobby Noble) jokes and helping him out with the crappy jobs he didn't want to do.

So I spent my break from Uni doing weed killing (even though the brand of weed killer we were using was (I think) illegal in Germany), emptying the bins out, getting the seats out for lunchtime in the dining hall and fixing the lights. That's how I know that fluorescent lights have a starter as well as the tube.

Of course something Freya & I mucked up on was measuring the tube. We did it in centimetres and then when we got to the hardware shop in town we found out they didn't say on the tube how long they were (and the only measurements to hand were in feet). Very frustrating. Particularly as everyone in Yorkshire appeared to be in town yesterday so the place was rammed. I hate when places are busy. I think I have a kind of claustraphobia but it heightens more when I can't walk or move anywhere because there are too many people. Freya feels the same way so she was getting rather grumpy as well.

Luckily we managed to get away and we felt much better after getting a sandwich. But we only had a starter for the light and trying that actually didn't help - the tube had gone.

I had to go back into town to find a tube. Perhaps asking for help. But then I called into a shop on the way into town on the off chance that they had one. And they did. We got stressed out in town for absolutely no reason. Gach.

EDIT: Just tried sending this via e-mail and it didn't actually work. CURSE YOU BLOGGER BETA!

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