Sunday, November 19, 2006

Find me, find me... me and dine me

Well I've done one of the things on the list from yesterday. Unfortunately for you lot it wasn't the 'think of something more interesting to blog about' bit. I'll write with my opinions about web 2.0 though.

Web 2.0 is stuff that's ever so slightly more interactive than websites were previously. So you can create your own info and save it on the web. Here are the 2.0ers that I use:
  • Hiveminder - a site where you can create to-do lists. So I no longer have to put them on here. (Hurrah! - the readers)
  • Flickr - you can add pics on here & tag them so I could easily find all the pics of Freya I've ever taken.
  • Youtube - if no-one's ever heard of this then I'll be really surprised. I've only added the one video on. It's the amazing Scoffers Shuffle.
  • Wikipedia - this is a bit shit actually.
  • - I really like this one. It takes all the music you listen to on itunes and Windows Media Player and then works out what music you should like. It also makes charts of what you listen to - like the one you can see to the right here.
  • Myspace - I know, I know, I shouldn't use this. It's rubbish, unwieldy and I know no-one to put on there. But I get to keep up to speed with the bands I like and that's mostly what I use it for. See my friends on there if you don't believe me.
  • Delicious - a way of keeping track of your favourite websites when you're not near your PC. I really like this one. See if your blog is in my favourites!*
And that's all about the future of the web. Be seeing you...

* Sorry about the exclamation mark, I felt I had to cheer up the blog somehow.

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