Saturday, November 25, 2006

I get up...

...and nothing keeps me down

Except for the fact that I stayed up until 3.30am this morning watching the Ashes on Sky. So I think I'll be spending a lot of tomorrow in bed. In fact I was half asleep by seven tonight so I think it shouldn't be too hard to drop off.

I've been tired all week so watching the Ashes was a very foolish thing to do. So was drinking three Wobblies* during the match so I woke up feeling like someone shat in my cereal.

So my new rule is to go to bed at exactly the same time that Freya does. Hopefully that should reduce my tiredness somewhat. Also I should really start doing some sort of exercise. I remember coming home drunk two weeks ago and doing a bizarre hopskotch move for a long stretch of pavement and feeling quite knackered after it. If I feel fitter then I'll probably feel less tired.

Let's see.

Oh and I've moved to the new blogger thing. This means I can add tags to posts (prediction: 'tired' will be the most popular tag) but nothing else looks different. Well not at first glance anyway.

* Wobblies = Warsteiner - the Queen of beers apparently

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