Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves...

...they hear it from the people of the town

Curse blogger and it's inability to know I only want the first line to be in bold. I have to edit the html manually to get it working. And I hate jacking in to the html matrix.

But Anyway.

NaBloPoMo continues apace. I actually thought of loads of topics to write about whilst at work today and as usual I've forgotten about them. Except I've remembered that I hoard.

My Mum and Dad have brought some of my stuff back from Germany and it's been there for 8 years. So what kind of gems did they bring back?
  • A Nottingham Forest pennant
  • A Reeves and Mortimer poster
  • Two PC joysticks - which aren't USB connected
  • A GameGear, GameBoy Color, CD32 and Spectrum +3
  • Around a hundred CD's
  • Some Rosita, Angelica and theaudience vinyl
  • Two footballs (one of which was signed by Sensible Software)
  • The 'grail' book from the Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade adventure game
  • Some Neal Stephenson books
I think out of those the only things I really want to keep is the vinyl and the Neal Stephenson books. But I want to keep the other stuff as well. That's my dilemma, because I'm a hoarder.

I cut out little bits of magazines because there was a small AP reference in there - but I never read the bit again.

I keep freebies given to me just because they were free and could come in useful again sometime.

I have every episode of Gamesmaster ever on video even though I don't think I've ever watched them again.

And the Fast Show.

And Shooting Stars (except I have watched that again).

But if I died. Do I seriously want Freya, or my Mum & Dad to go through this load of rubbish? What would they make of it? And what would they think of me when then went through it?

No. It's a load of rubbish. He kept a load of rubbish.

So I will endeavour to get rid of any rubbish my Mum & Dad bring back.

Man, NaBloPoMo is making me do loads of stuff. Even if no-one reads this* at least I'll have started exercising (15 press ups this morning) and added to the landfills in York. Actually that last bit isn't that good environmentally is it?

Don't worry, they'll start making sense soon.

Oh well.

* As usual

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