Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh no, oh no...

...you've got it all wrong

Apart from that I was rubbish at the presentation bit. Stumbled over my words, froze, stuttered. Hurrah! I was well and truly crap.

Did well at everything else though. Except I might not have shaded in the boxes correctly for the multiple choice bit. I'd hate it if I didn't get the job because of that.

As usual for interviews I woke up feeling really nervous. On the train to Leeds I saw a little insect had somehow got into our carriage. I thought "that insect could be squashed by me* but this interview won't crush me". That made me feel better. Until the presentation anyway.

The other that was even slightly bloggable about my day was at Leeds station they were giving away free Cadbury's chocolate bars. Very nice. The only thing was they were asking what was your favourite flavour. Now do chocolate bars actually come in flavours? I got the impression that a flavour was a taste that was like something - so crisps can have a bacon flavour despite not having bacon in. But with chocolate bars like mint chocolate they have big chunks of mint in, same with the caramel ones. Maybe I was overanalysing. That's usual.

Oh and I had a comment! Amazing. Wonders will never cease.

* I didn't of course

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