Thursday, November 09, 2006

No no no no more...


So I've been out for my boss' leaving do. Which is stupid as he is great and should not have been sacked by our SMGC. But there you go it's been done so what can you do about it.

Anyway, I'm drunk so this blog will be the most honest I've ever blogged. Or the most rubbish, either way I will not be deleting anything I've written. Even the spelling mistakes like delteing. Damn still spelt it wrong./

So I've twenty mintues to write stuff up.

I lost £2.90 on vowling to Melson. That shoudl say bowling to Melson and MelsoM not Melson. But being a TRUE accountant I hesdged my bets and actually won £3 from other people on my team so I won ten pence. And in the third game I wgot 174. Which is a really high score for myself. I think bowling is the one game I',m good at,.

I have only one true friend on myspace. Actually that's a lie I reckon I have three true friends. Either way that's rubbish. I did accept a load of peiople last night, but if they don't say on my site "Thanks for the add" by the weekend I shall be deleting the,m/. If you ask someone to add you, yuo should at leadsy say thanks. I notice FDreya's friend Jess hasn;t added me. She must be a bitch as I suspected.

Man this blog is so not making sense. All I have to say is I am a great bowlier. I just need to work at it. The same may be said about my interview techniwue wihci I will have to perfect by Turesday as I cam having a dbig day off to get a pricing job at the Farepack money knicers,.


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